"It takes all the running you can do,
to keep in the same place"
Lewis Carroll
It is not difficult to understand that businesses must be able to adjust and develop to remain competitive. They must constantly create new ideas, investigate new paths, and learn how to be a successful business. Scale is no longer a benefit. Think outside the box.
  • Lean Data Science
    A LeanDS is an Agile Framework for Managing Data Science Product and Projects. It is also a professional community dedicated to project management in data science.
  • ChatGPT Telegram BOT
    Developed Telegram BOT utilizes ChatGPT – a large language model developed by OpenAI that is designed to generate human-like text. It can perform various tasks, including generating responses to user input, summarizing long pieces of text, and completing partially written sentences or paragraphs. Some possible applications of ChatGPT include generating content for social media or websites and assisting with language translation.
  • AWS deepracer
    Winner of fully autonomous 1/18th scale race car driven by reinforcement learning within AWS Deepracer global racing league. Project executed utilizing AWS services such as Lambda, EC2, S3, and IAM.

    A contributor to AWS DeepRacer Community
  • Check your CV
    If you are wondering why you haven't received a call for a first interview, then check to see if your resume is suitable for the desired position. I created a fun tool to use: CheckCv. If your CV scores are between 40-60, then you can definitely apply for the position.

    Sentence-transformers model inside.
  • SentiRuEval competition
    I co-organised the Russian sentiment analysis evaluation SentiRuEval-2015 and SentiRuEval-2016, which was focused on reputation monitoring of banks and telecom companies in Twitter. All competition materials can be found on GitHub at this link: https://github.com/mokoron/sentirueval.
    I was responsible for
    • development of crowd source platform for labeling data;
    • collection and preparation train and test data;
    • evaluation of participant systems and results;
    • preparing of publication.