Public Speaking
I give talks on topics related to Product Management, Data Science, and Data Science Product & Project Management.

Invite me to speak
I am open to speaking on a range of topics, including but not limited to:
Product management — what are the best practices for developing great products, which methodology is suitable for your team, the importance of product management.
Data Science Product Management — What are the distinctions between managing data science projects and teams, and is it feasible to utilize traditional methodologies to manage DS products, LeanDS.
Development relationship (DevRel) and culture — Exploring the evolving nature of DevRel and culture in the workplace, as well as strategies for creating successful remote teams and improving collaboration.
Data Science — I am able to break down complicated scientific ideas into easy-to-understand language and demonstrate how scientific studies can be used in everyday life. I have been a speaker at dozens of scientific conferences.

In the last decade, I have given talks and led workshops at more than 25 events. If you’re interested in inviting me to an event, please send me an email.
This video aims to answer next why it is not that easy to build a robust, reliable, automated, and repeatable data science process. You may be asking why the team cannot begin constructing reproducible ML models by any individual from any location, instead of displaying the model's output on a single Data Scientist's computer or Jupyter Notebook. More videos can be found in a Playlist