Mentoring involves a connection in which the mentor gives guidance to the mentee to help them grow and learn. The mentor imparts their wisdom and experience to the mentee, providing advice and assistance to enhance the mentee's skills and potential.

Do you need help reaching your professional goals? Mentoring could be the answer. As your mentor, I will provide you with advice, encouragement, and support. We can have a one-time conversation or a longer-term commitment - whatever works best for you. I can help you identify new opportunities, explore new ideas, and open your mind to new approaches. Book a 30 minute session to find out if mentoring could be the missing piece in your journey.
How I become mentor
As soon as I assumed leadership roles, I began mentoring and developing internal staff. I facilitated the growth of employees within the organization by helping them transition to different departments if their skills could be better utilized elsewhere. I believe that it is the responsibility of a leader to foster the growth of their employees.

And I have recently been providing external mentoring to those who seek my advice, experience, and guidance in order to reach their personal goals.

I'm a mentor in the Mentor in Tech 4.0 program in 2023.
Drop me an email or say "Hey" in Telegram to figure out if there is a connection between us.
Mentoring process
  1. Establishing an acquaintance
  2. Determining the objectives of the mentorship
  3. Assessing if mentoring is the right approach
  4. Evaluating the suitability of the mentor
  5. Making a plan for mentoring
  1. Session topics regarding the mentoring goal
  2. Review of progress, adjustment of the plan
  3. The duration will range from a few consulting meetings to 6-12 months Depending on the request
  1. Summarizing results
  2. Feedback
Are you ready for mentoring?
Think about the reasons why you would benefit from having a mentor
Make a clear request for mentorship
Explain what kind of mentor you are looking for
Research potential mentors from various sources such as online platforms, professional networks, and your own organization.
Interview multiple mentors and select the one that you feel most comfortable working with.
Key to effective mentoring
Mentees must have a clear idea of what they want to gain from the mentorship - whether it be training, confidence, gaining clarity, or achieving an external goal (such as a raise or pay raise). The mentor must have the necessary knowledge, experience, status, network of contacts, opinions, and ideas in the mentee's field of interest in order to build a successful partnership. Trust is essential for a successful mentorship relationship.